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Animals in the Stars
Title:  Animals in the Stars
Author:  Gregory Crawford
Publisher:  Bear & Co / Inner Traditions
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $15.95
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This exciting picture book, subtitled, "Chinese Astrology for Children" is not only a working overview of the Chinese zodiac and a legend of it's creation, it is a compendium of inspired folktales based on the traditional animal stories of China. It includes an easy-to-read chart for finding your animal year and descriptions of the character traits of each animal. Gregory Crawford lives and draws in nearby Gaysville, Vermont so we are especially proud of the dynamic illustrations that grace each page of this special book. Click on image to read more…….
Another Country
Title:  Another Country
Author:  Christopher Camuto
Publisher:  Henry Holt
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Mint
Price:  $7.90
Generic Icon  
Subtitled, "Journeying toward the Cherokee Mountains", this book is set in the Southern Appalachians - being "among the most beautiful, biologically diverse, and historically important regions of North America". As he details this country of old growth and ancient myths, Camuto unfolds the details of the restoration of Canis rufus, the controversial red wolf.
Classic Zucchini Cookbook
Title:  Classic Zucchini Cookbook
Author:  Nancy Ralston
Publisher:  Storey Books
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  New
Price:  $16.95
Generic Icon  
This is the newest incarnation of the most wonderful book on zucchini cookery. Yes, it includes a host of other marvelous summer and winter squash recipes, but the zucchini is aptly the featured squash of choice. And given the prolific nature of this garden veggie, such a cookbook is very handy to have around - especially for the home grower! New and artsy cover, 311 pages, indexed. Very nice. Suggested retail - $14.95, on special here and now for only $12.00.
Clay Perry
Title:  Clay Perry's Fantastic Flowers
Author:  Maggie and Clay Perry
Publisher:  Kyle Cathie UK
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $19.50
Generic Icon  
This British import is an absolutely stunning volume of the most outrageous flowers; a visual feast of exotic blooms found throughout the world. Some of the photographs bring the striking beauty of a common flower into full blown view, others showcase the dramatic glory of rare, unfamiliar species. For each flower, Maggie Perry complements the her husband's photos with intrigueing information on each flower's historical and cultural background, as well as it's habitant and advise on how to grow the plant. Very nice and astounding at the low (publisher overstock) price of only $19.50. READ MORE.
Complete I Ching
Title:  Complete I Ching
Author:  Alfred Huang, translator
Publisher:  Inner Tradtions
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Mint
Price:  $16.00
Generic Icon  
Taoist Master Alfred Huang presents a definitive translation of the original ideographs of the I Ching. For more than 3,000 years, the I Ching as been the most influential book of divination in the world and consulted as an ancient source of Wisdom. The book itself is beautiful, with a rich maroon cloth on the spine and a gold embossed jin wen on the front cover. The pages are also complemented with ancient Chinese jin wen, originally inscribed on bronze objects of the Zhou dynasty and recreated here in a bold red. Published in 1998 at $30.00, now more than 50% off at $16.00! While supplies last.
Cultivating Delight
Title:  Cultivating Delight
Author:  Diane Ackerman
Publisher:  Harpercollins
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Pub Overstock
Price:  $9.00
Generic Icon  
In keeping with the mode of her bestseller, A Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman again celebrates the sensory pleasures in her new (fall 2001) book, "Cultivating Delight". A beautifully produced book with a marvelous dust jacket of flowers and butterflies against a dark backdrop. Endpages are a mustard gold with a line of bugs silohetted in black. Pages have deckled edges. "I plan my garden as I wish I could plan my life, with islands of surprise, color and scent." A marvelous gift for any nature enthusiast, gardener or botonist. 1st edition, mint condition. Was $25.00, now only $9.00 while supplies last!
Frog Run
Title:  Frog Run
Author:  John Elder
Publisher:  Milkweed Editions
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  New
Price:  $14.00
Generic Icon  
2001. Autographed. "Teacher and writer John Elder, a man who loves both literature and the outdoors, describes in 'The Frog Run' how he found a way to balance these passions in building a sugarhouse with his sons in the Vermont woods. He celebrates the moment between winter and spring - knkown to sugarmakers as 'the frog run" - when the tree frogs begin to be heard and the last run of sap good for making syrup flows from the maples. For Elder, who also writes in this book about the resurgence of New England forests and about his life as a reader, the frog run is a time to savor and celebrate the fleeting beauties of his family's place on earth."
From Space to Earth
Title:  From Space to Earth
Author:  John Perlin
Publisher:  AATEC Publications
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $24.00
Generic Icon  
"From Space to Earth" tracks the evolution of photovoltaics from its shaky nineteenth-century beginnings mired in scientifcic controversy to its high-visibility success in the space program, to its current position as an indispensable and versatile power source in our daily lives. Fascinating, intelligent and comprehensive. Solarizing the Elecritfied". 221 pages, index, illustrated. Beautiful book. Read more. Now marked down to $24 - some wear on the DJ.
Fuel From Water
Title:  Fuel From Water
Author:  Michael Peavey
Publisher:  Merit Inc.
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  New
Price:  $24.95
Generic Icon  
2003. "Energy Independence With Hydrogen." 11th Revised Edition.
Great Quillow
Title:  Great Quillow
Author:  James Thurber
Publisher:  Harcourt Brace 1991
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $9.00
Generic Icon  
1991. By the great humorist James Thurber, this contemporary folk tale was originally published in 1944, and is presented here with vivid, high-spirited illustrations by well-known children's book illustrator Steven Kellogg. What a partnership! Every page is incredibly alive with color and story. Published at $20.00, offered here for only $9.00. Click on image to read more.
Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book
Title:  Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book
Author:  Margaret Klein Wilson
Publisher:  Countryman Press
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $29.95
Generic Icon  
This is a a beautiful book celebrating the work of the Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, Vermont. It gives a small introduction on the Spinnery but most of the book is dedicated to pattern development and using the thirty illustrated patterns offered within. Gorgeous sweaters, and some caps, mittens, etc. 104 pages with bibliography, pattern charts, lots on color, and nice directional illustrations. Love the spinnery's yarn and now I love their book!
Handmade Lives A Collective Memoir
Title:  Handmade Lives A Collective Memoir
Author:  Annabelle Williams
Publisher:  fire fall
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $21.00
Generic Icon  
"A blast from the past….when love was bigger than fear". Annabelle Williams has compiled and edited over forty personal stories from the flower power generation and their now-grown children on the legacy of the mind-blowing sixties. 216 pages. 49 illustrations. A beautfiully produced volume with a lot of heart, this book represents many lives, a cultural cross-section of a time and place still evolving: the legacy of the love generation. Autographed copies. Click on image to READ MORE…..
Title:  Harvest
Author:  Nicola Smith
Publisher:  Lyons
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $26.95
Generic Icon  
2004. Photographs by Geoff Hansen. "A Year in the Life of an Organic Farm." "An intimate portrait of a small Vermont farm." There will be a book signing event in our Rochester store on December 5th at 4 p.m. - please join us if you are nearby. We will have copies signed by both the author and photographer after that date.
Invisible Garden
Title:  Invisible Garden
Author:  Dorothy Sucher
Publisher:  Counterpoint
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Mint
Price:  $50.00
Generic Icon  
This beautiful little hardcover book is a 1st Edition signed by both the author and the illustrator. It is a story of reflection, describing one woman's journey from soil to soul.
M is for Maple Syrup
Title:  M is for Maple Syrup
Author:  Cynthia Furlong Reynolds
Publisher:  Sleeping Bear Press
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $17.95
Generic Icon  
"M is for Maple Syrup - A Vermont Alphabet" is a wonderful children's alphabet book with beautiful illustrations by Colchester, Vermont artist Ginny Joyner. Discover the history and tradition of Vermont culture through an alphabetic tour of the state. A good, fun book for entertainment and education! Highly recommended. Autographed copies!! READ MORE.
Pastured Poultry Profits
Title:  Pastured Poultry Profits
Author:  Joel Salatin
Publisher:  Polyface Inc
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  New
Price:  $28.00
Generic Icon  
"Net $25,000 in 6 months on 20 acres!" Joel Salatin is well known for his ambitious and industrious work with cattle and poultry farming. His books are intense and informative. Self-published. 371 pages, indexed. If anyone is serious about poutlry farming, they must have this book. Was $35.00 but we got a great deal from Joel and publishers Chelsea Green at a recent conference where Joel was a key note speaker. What does it all mean? - Save seven bucks and order while supplies last for only $28.00!
Plants for a Future
Title:  Plants for a Future
Author:  Ken Fern
Publisher:  Permanent Publications
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  Very Good
Price:  $14.50
Generic Icon  
Subtitled "Edible and Useful Plants for a Healthier World", this book offers a marvelous and worthy insight into creating gardens, farms and woodlands that exist in harmony with nature. Excellent chapters on ponds, woodlands, non-traditional gardens, farms, and even edible lawn landscaping. Published at $29.95, now only $14.50!
Rain Forest
Title:  Rain Forest
Author:  Helen Cowcher
Publisher:  Farrar Straus Giroux
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Pub Overstock
Price:  $5.00
Generic Icon  
1988. Beautifully bold pictorial hardcover with matching dust jacket. Publisher overstock in perfect, as-new condition. Was $16.00, now only five bucks! Gorgeous full page watercolors with a tiny bit of text. Wonderful way to show toddlers the beauty of the rain forest.
Rare Orchids
Title:  Rare Orchids
Author:  Bela Kalman
Publisher:  Bulfinch
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Pub Overstock
Price:  $18.98
Generic Icon  
1999. Yeehaw! This is a gorgeous book on orchids, and now it is reduced from $45.00 to only $18.98. We are excited to save it from the warehouse and bring to our customers at such a great price. Beautiful blue cloth with a vivid dust jacket, decorated endpages and page after page of color photos of orchids close-up and personal. 143 pages, indexed. Click on image to see pic and read more.
Recovering America
Title:  Recovering America
Author:  Malcolm Wells
Publisher:  Malcolm Wells
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $7.50
Generic Icon  
Subtitled, "A more gentle way to build", this small hardcover book has a VERY important perspective on architecture. One of the few accessible and inspired writings on integrating harmony and sustainability into commercial and industrial design. Hand-rendered drawings, accented with watercolor, and hand-calligraphed text. Was very reasonably priced at $9.95, now offered for even less through the generosity of Wells himself. Now only $6.00 while supplies last.
Resourceful Renovator
Title:  Resourceful Renovator
Author:  Jennifer Corson
Publisher:  Chelsea Green
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  Very Good
Price:  $10.00
Generic Icon  
Subtitled, "A Gallery of Ideas for Reusing Buidling Materials". This slender paperback is a handy and inspiring resource for the creative homeowner. "Recycling has never looked so good!" Originally published in 2000 at $24.95, now only $10.00!
Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers
Title:  Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers
Author:  Stephen Harrod Buhner
Publisher:  Association of Brewers
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  New
Price:  $19.95
Generic Icon  
1998. A Brewers Publication. "The Secrets of Ancient Formulation". This book goes way back and discusses not only beermaking but the political and cultural influence of brewing back through the early centuries of human civilization. Anyone interested in health, spirituality, early politics and medicine, and of course, brewed and fermented beverages in general, will appreciate this book. Recommended. 534 pages, indexed, recipes and lore.
Sage Garden
Title:  Sage Garden
Author:  Ann Lovejoy
Publisher:  Chronicle Books
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Pub Overstock
Price:  $6.00
Generic Icon  
"Flowers and Foliage for Health and Beauty". This is a lovely book devoted to one of the most pungent, versatile and fragrant herbs on earth. Celebrated by healers, chefs and gardeners the world over, sage comes in a variety of hybrids and habits. The book includes many recipes, both culinary and medicinal. Was $17.95, now only $6.00! A lovely gift book choice. 144 page, illustrated, indexed.
Title:  Saguenay
Author:  Blodwen Davies
Publisher:  Canada Steamship Lines
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Fair
Price:  $46.00
Generic Icon  
1930. Saguenay (Saginawa) The River of Deep Waters." The St. Lawrence. Illustrations by Paul Caron & G.A. Cuthbertson. Includes topical ephemera (pictorial map of the trip and a "Ticket to Heaven") I love the illustrations - small pencilled sketches and a few color prints. Decorative endpages. Cover is stained and faded - no DJ. Pages are somewhat yellowed and there is light staining on some.
Second Nature of Things
Title:  Second Nature of Things
Author:  Will Curtis
Publisher:  Ecco Press
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Very Good
Price:  $32.00
Generic Icon  
Subtitled "How and Why Things Work in the Natural World", this 1st edition is AUTOGRAPHED.
Secrets of SAFFRON
Title:  Secrets of SAFFRON
Author:  Pat Willard
Publisher:  Beacon
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Pub Overstock
Price:  $6.00
Generic Icon  
Publisher overstock in perfect condition. "The Vagabond Life of the World's Most Seductive Spice". Was $23.95, now only six bucks! 225 pages, indexed, appealing dust jacket with lots of great chapter headings: "Heaven and Earth", "The Artist's Palette", "Death was Meant for This", "The Saffron Fields of Brooklyn", and many more. Read on.
Shadows in the Sun
Title:  Shadows in the Sun
Author:  Wade Davis
Publisher:  Island Press
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Mint
Price:  $5.50
Generic Icon  
Subtitled, "Travels to Landscapes of Spirit and Desire", this book is offered at the reduced price of $5.50, down from it's original published price of $22.95. It is really quite a fascinating book, being an examination of indigenous cultures and the interactions between human societies and the natural world.
Title:  SNOW
Author:  Ruth Kirk
Publisher:  University of Washington Press
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  New
Price:  $8.00
Generic Icon  
How animals and people survive in the snow, glaciers and continental ice sheets, blizzards and avalanches, awesome hazzards of arctic and antartic exploration, cold weather culture. Through scientific reports, personal experience and interviews with experts in various fields - Kirk surveys the scope of snow's influence on our globe. An interesting immersion into the world of snow! Was $17.95, now only $8.00. While supply lasts.
Soft-Tissue Manipulation
Title:  Soft-Tissue Manipulation
Author:  Leon Chaitow
Publisher:  Healing Arts Press
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Very Good
Price:  $23.90
Generic Icon  
1988. Previously entitled Neuro-Muscular Technique - revised and greatly expanded. "Looks into the dysfunctions of the soft tissues of the body and provides practioners and students with a working knowledge of the diagnostic and therapeutic use of neuro-muscular, muscle energy and strain-counterstrain techniques, as well as covering a number of additional individual techniques and systems involving reflex points and trigger points." Thihs book new is priced at $49.95 (now $23.90) and these books are in almost new condition. Some shelf wear on DJ's - possibly a bumped corner.
Special Deliveries
Title:  Special Deliveries
Author:  Alexandra Day
Publisher:  Harpercollins
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $8.00
Generic Icon  
With delightful illustrations by Cooper Edens, this lovely children's picture book is full of compassion and heart. A young woman gets the job of delivering mail to her valley community and her whole family - from her two daughters to all fourteen of her animals - pitch in to help! Was $15.95, now only $6.00 - while supplies last! Click on image to READ MORE.
Swan In Love
Title:  Swan In Love
Author:  Eve Bunting
Publisher:  Atheneum
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $10.00
Generic Icon  
2000. What a beautiful book. Was $16 now only $10.00. The classic story of a swan who falls in love with a wooden swan boat. Lovely, graceful pastel illustrations by Jo Ellen McAllister Stammen. Great for all ages.
Title:  TARZAN
Author:  Robert D San Souci
Publisher:  Hyperion
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $8.00
Generic Icon  
1999. Stated first edition of this amazing retelling of the Edgar Burroughs tall tale of TARZAN. Dramatic woodcuts by Michael McCurdy highlight the text. Was $15.99, now save 50% and pay only $8.00! Read more of this featured title!
Tigers in the Snow
Title:  Tigers in the Snow
Author:  Peter Matthiessen
Publisher:  Northpoint Press
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  New
Price:  $11.98
Generic Icon  
Beautiful tribute to the Siberian Tiger, with an introduction and stirring photographs by Maurice Hornocker. Was $27.00, now only $11.98.
Toyota Tacoma 4Runner & T100
Title:  Toyota Tacoma 4Runner & T100
Author:   Haynes (ed)
Publisher:  Haynes
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  Good
Price:  $12.00
Generic Icon  
2000. Haynes Repair Manual. Models covered: 2WD and 4WD Toyota Tacoma - 1995 through 2000. 4Runner (1996 thru 2000) and T100 (1993 thru 1998). Large crease on back cover, small tear on front.
Traditional Country Crafts
Title:  Traditional Country Crafts
Author:  Miranda Innes
Publisher:  Lyons Press
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  Pub Overstock
Price:  $9.50
Generic Icon  
2001. 192 pages, indexed and well illustrated with lots of beautiful full color, glossy photos of projects and technique. "Dozens of decorative and practical projects - including quilts, baskets, woodwork, ceramics, and more". Punched tin, rughooking, Amish quilts, felting - each subject is well-presented and explored - inspiring and enabling. Very nice book for a very nice price. Published with a suggested retail of $19.95, now only *8.00. Read more.
Vegetable Book
Title:  Vegetable Book
Author:  Colin Spencer
Publisher:  Rizzolli
Binding:  Hardcover
Condition:  Mint
Price:  $16.00
Generic Icon  
HC, Oversized and beautiful. Great recipes with photos by Linda Burgess
Wild Flora of the Northeast
Title:  Wild Flora of the Northeast
Author:  Anita and Spider Barbour
Publisher:  Overlook Press
Binding:  Paperback
Condition:  Mint
Price:  $8.00
Generic Icon  
A beautiful book of over 90 full color photographs and 90 pencil drawings of the plants in the New England landscape.


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