Alcohol can be a Gas  David Blume  iiEA  Paperback  New  $47.00
 Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century. "With alcohol fuel you can become energy independent, reverse global warming, and survive peak oil in style. Alcohol fuel is liquid sunshine and can't be controlled by transnational corporations. You can produce alcohol from a wide variety of plants and waste products, from algae to stale donuts. It's a much better fueld than gasoline, and you can use it in your car, right now. You can even use alcohol to generate your electricity. Alcohol fuel production is ecologically sustainable, revitalizes farms and communities, and creates huge new opportunities for small-scale businesses. Its byproducts are clean and valuable."
   Appropriate Technology Sourcebook  Ken Darrow  Volunteers in Asia  Paperback  Good  $18.00
 1976. Second Edtiion. First Printing. Co-authored by Rick Pam. "For tools and techniques that use local skills, local resources, and renewable sources of energy." "A guide to practical plans and books for vlilage and small community technology." This is geared for people working in developing countries but could also be helpful for the homesteader looking to simplify. Soil & creasing on cover. Inside pages are clean.
   At Home with the Sun  Michael Daley  Professor Solar Press  staplebound  New  $10.00
 A great book to teach kids about solar energy! Has some simple projects that are fun like making a solar oven out of a pizza box etc. For ages 6 - 12. Vermont author. 32 pages - staplebound.
   Biodiesel Power  Lyle Estill  New Society  Paperback  New  $16.95
 2005."The passion, the people, and the politics of the next renewable fuel. History of the biodiesel movement. Isn't it nice its big enough now to warrant a history?!
   Book of Masonry Stoves  David Lyle  Chelsea Green  Paperback  New  $35.00
  "Rediscovering the Old Ways of Warming". A study of fire throughout the ages and how man has traditionally used fire as a life-sustaining force. Describes the basic elements of masonry stove design, construction and maintenance. Not too many books on this topic.
   Defining the Wind  Scott Huler  Crown  Hardcover  Near Fine  $18.00
 2004. First Edition. "The Beaufort Scale and How a Nineteenth-Century Admiral Turned Science into Poetry." "Scott Huler was working as a copy editor for a small publisher when he stumbled across the Beaufort Wind Scale in his dictionary." He traced the history and science back to Admiral Francis Beaufort - the man who recommended Charles Darwin to accompany the crew of the 'Beagle'.
   Designing & Building a Solar House  Donald Watson  Garden Way  Paperback  Good  $8.00
 "YOUR PLACE IN THE SUN", this is a good book for reviewing the basics of thermal dynamics and installing passive systems. Book is worn around the edges, and scuffed especially top front. Otherwised sturdy, binding good, pages clean.
   Energy from Solid Waste  Francis (editor) Domino  Noyes Data Corp.  Hardcover  Very Good  $7.00
 1979. X-Lib copy - has stamps & marks. Cover has slight bending on corners - very good shape. Scientific text on converting waste to energy.
   From Space to Earth  John Perlin  AATEC Publications  Hardcover  New  $24.00
More about this book"From Space to Earth" tracks the evolution of photovoltaics from its shaky nineteenth-century beginnings mired in scientifcic controversy to its high-visibility success in the space program, to its current position as an indispensable and versatile power source in our daily lives. Fascinating, intelligent and comprehensive. Solarizing the Elecritfied". 221 pages, index, illustrated. Beautiful book. Read more. Now marked down to $24 - some wear on the DJ.
   Fuel From Water  Michael Peavey  Merit Inc.  Paperback  New  $24.95
More about this book2003. "Energy Independence With Hydrogen." 11th Revised Edition.
   Got Sun? Go Solar  Rex Ewing  PixyJack Press  Paperback  New  $18.95
 2005. Rex Ewing & Doug Pratt. "Get Free Renewable Energy to Power Your Grid-Tied Home." "Are you connected to the grid, but want to reduce or even eliminate your electric bills with free energy from the sun & wind? Now with rebates and incentives from most states, installing a solar/wind system is an economically-attractive and environmentally-responsible option. Do it for your checkbook, or for independence from blackouts. Or do it just because you want to help the environment. You'll be glad you did."
   Have Fries Will Travel  Linda Hempel  New Society  Hardcover  New  $12.95
 2005. "The Adventures of a Veggie-Powered Car and an Eco-Rap Star." "This little book takes a concept - that we can run our cars & trucks on our old cooking oil - and introduces it in a fun and colorful way to the youngsters who will inherit the air we've polluted and the landscape we've gouged for energy."- Peter Coyote.
   Home Alternate Energy Projects   Popular Science  Reston  Hardcover  Very Good  $38.00
 1984. Popular Science includes 56 projects in this 210 page book. Solar collectors, hydropower, electric cars, veggie powered vehicles - it's all here! Book is clean and crisp. DJ is stained & spotted - now in protective cover.
   Home Energy Diet  Paul Scheckel  New Society  Paperback  New  $18.95
 2005. How to conserve energy and using renewable energy for what you do use. Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Vermont author.
   Passive Solar Design Handbook  J Douglas Balcomb, ed., et al  NTIS  Paperback  Good  $16.00
 Prepared for the US Department of Energy, specifically for a Passive and Hybrid Solar Buildings Program in 1980. This book is Volume Two of Two volumes: Passive Solar Design Analysis. It is an oversized paperback, rough type, with many charts and graphs. "The purpose of this book is to provide a means whereby performance can be predicted in advance rather than to elaborate further on the many compelling reasons for passive design or to discuss many of the practical aspects of passive solar construction."
   Photovoltaics Design & Installation Man.   Solar Energy International  New Society  Paperback  New  $59.95
 2004. 'Photovoltaics Design & Installation Manual' "A world class solar energy training and education provider - Solar Energy International (SEI) - has made available the critical information to successfully design, install and maintain PV systems. The book contains an overview of photovoltaic electricity, and a detailed description of PV system components, including PV modules, batteries, controllers and inverters. It also includes chapters on sizing photovoltaic systems, analyzing sites and installing PV systems, as well as detailed appendices on PV system maintenance, troubleshooting, and solar insolaiton data for over 300 sites around the world." This book is for the serious user - installers etc.
   Power with Nature  Rex A Ewing  Pixyjack Press  Paperback  New  $24.95
 2003. "Solar and Wind Energy Demystified". The Practical Handbook of Renewable Energy. Practical, hands-on information on gird-intertie and off-grid systems, solar photovoltaic modules, wind turbines, micro-hydro power, charge controllers and inverters, solar hot water, options for pumping water and much more. Includes a good, up-to-date appendix with system sizing worksheets, wire size/line loss tables, etc. An excellent handbook written by someone who lives off the grid and clearly loves it.
   Solar Electric House  Steven Strong  Chelsea Green  Paperback  New  $21.95
 "Energy for the environmentally responsive, energy-indpendent home" Yeah. Written in cooperation with William G Scheller. "Solar energy is the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity by solar photovoltaic cells. It is a truly elegant means of producing electricity ON SITE, allowing you to take control of your energy destiny…." An excellent reference for homeowner and builder.
   Solar Energy for Heating & Cooling of  Arthur Patton  Noyes Data Corp.  Hardcover  Good  $24.00
 1975. Solar Energy for Heating & Cooling of Buildings. Detailed Text. Ex-library. Pages are clean but inside covers are a little grubby.
   Solar Energy Utilization  Tim Michels  Van Nostrand  Hardcover  Good  $12.50
 1979 publication in good condition with dust jacket (several closed tears on front and back upper edge) in protective cover. 252 pages with index and many charts, graphs and design illustrations. Passive and active solar systems.
   Who Owns the Sun?  Daniel M Bermon  Chelsea Green  Hardcover  Mint  $12.00
 A strong hardcover edition of an important and relevant book on solar politics. Subtitled, "People, politics, and the struggle for a solar economy", this book lays bare the restrictive energy culture based on a petro-chemical energy system and how this will change in the ever so near future. Co-authored by John O'Connor. Excellent price at only $12.00 for the hardcover volume.
   Wind Energy Basics  Paul Gipe  Chelsea Green  Paperback  Very Good  $25.00
 Subtitled, "A Guide to Small and Micro Wind Systems", this is a great resource. Paul Gipe has done a number of books on wind power and has been honored by the World Renewable Energy Congress for two decades of work promoting clean and sustainable energy. Published in cooperation with REAL GOODS.
   Wind Power for th Homeowner  Donald Marier  Rodale  Hardcover  Very Good  $12.50
 1981. "A guide to selecting, siting, and installing an electricity-generating Wind Power System". Out of print. This copy is in excellent condition - clean and unmarked. Dust jacket is also very good, minor wear along edges, creasing along top edge, and now in protective cover. 368 pages, indexed, illustration with line drawings, B&W photos, charts and diagrams.
   Windmills of Long Island  Robert Hefner  W.W. Norton  Hardcover  Very Good  $16.00
 1983. Profiles the 11 windmills on eastern Long Island. Four of them have been restored and preserved. Drawings and photographs from early years to present. Inside book is near fine. Cover has bumped corners. DJ is price clipped, curling slightly, a few creases.
   Windmills of New England  Daniel Lombardo  On Cape Publications  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $24.00
 2003. "Their Genius, Madness, History & Future." Large over-sized volume with 245 pages. Includes history, directions to a number of mills, with contact information, one chapter on what is happening with wind power now and even a section on decorative windmills. Over 160 photographs and illustrations.
   Wood Chip Heating of Homes….  J Hermelin  Dept of Energy, Canada  Paperback  Very Good  $5.00
 1982. 77 pages with 6 appendices, including a glossary of terms, case studies and charts. "Heating Equipment Characteristics and Operation and Small-Scale Fuel Production." This is a booklet, typed manuscript, published with a grant from the New Brunswick Energy Secretariat.


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