Art of the Engineer   Baynes and Pugh  Overlook Press  Hardcover  Very Good  $50.00
 1980. Overlook Press, Woodstock, New York. Ken Baynes and Francis Pugh. Deep green cloth over boards with vivid gold lettering on spine. Unworn and fine. Dust jacket remains very bright and colorful but worn and with small tears on edges. Book is enclosed in a green box with illustrated past-down duplicating the dust jacket. Edges of box are worn but all is quite intact and sturdy. Inside, pages are clean and unworn. Free from any previous owner marks. Profusely illustrated with detailed line drawings. Very nice, collectible book.
   Astronomy Highlights  Thomas D. Nciholson, ed.  Natural History Press  Boxed Set  Good  $9.50
 1964. By lecturers of the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History. Boxed set of 8 phamplets, Box is a bit dirty and worn on edges but no tears at corners and the booklets are all present, accounted for and in clean, unread condition. A nifty little package for the amateur astonomer!
   Astrophysics  R.J. Taylor  W.A. Benjamin  Hardcover  Good  $18.50
 1969. 204 pages. Ex-library. No DJ. Spots on cover. Pages appear clean.
   Creation Still Goes On  F L Boschke  McGraw Hill  Hardcover  Very Good  $4.75
 Subtitled, "Science in search of the origins of life, the earth and the universe. Published first in Germany in 1964, this book won the Econ Prize. Surely, it is an interesting study and is complemented with many photos and drawings. The book is in very good condition, dust jacket is also good. Owner name on the front endpage.
   Diamond Technology  Paul Grodzinski  N.A.G. Press LTD    Good  $0.00
 1953. Second revised and enlarged edition. Production Methods for Diamond and Gem Stones. 784 pages. Heavily illustrated. Some pages are stained but you can still read text. No marks. DJ is soiled and has pieces missing, now in protective cover.
   Diversity of Life  Edward Wilson  Harvard University  Hardcover  New  $29.95
 1992. Sandy loves this book - so you know it's good! "Wilson conducts us on a tour through time, traces the processes that create new species in bursts of adaptive radiation, and points out the catclysmic events that have disrupted evolution and diminished global diversity over the past 600 million years. The five enormous natural blows to the planet (such as meteorite strikes and climate changes) required 10 to 100 million years of evolutionary repair. The sixth great spasm of extinction on earth - caused this time entirely by humans - may be the one that breaks the crucible of life." Outlines specific actions that will improve the quality of life on earth.
   End of Evolution  Peter Ward  Bantam  Hardcover  Mint  $16.00
 Subtitled, "On mass extinctions and the preservation of biodiversity". The pace of species extinction continues at high speed and it is provoked by human rapacity. It's pretty scary. This book helps wake people up.
   Feeling for the Organism  Evelyn Fox Keller  W H Freeman  Hardcover  Very Good  $10.00
 "The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock", noted biologist and early pioneer of genetic engineering. A good introduction for anyone concerned about genetic modification today.
   Firmament of Time  Loren Eiseley  Atheneum  Hardcover  Good  $7.50
 1st edition. 1960. Black cloth over boards, no dust jacket. Contains six lectures delivered while Eiseley was Visiting Professor of the Philosophy of Science at the University of Cincinnati in 1959. Including "How Human is Man?". Good, clean reader's copy.
   Forest and the Sea  Marston Bates  Time Life Books  Paperback  Very Good  $4.75
 Reprint of a classic with an introduction by Loren Eiseley. The study of life and how man has influenced the natural order of things.
   In Search of Human Nature  Carl N Degler  Oxford Univesity Press  Hardcover  Mint  $18.00
 Published in 1991 at $24.95, this is a first edition in near mint condition. Mint dust jacket in protective cover. Subtitled, "The Decine and Revival of the Darwinism in American Social Thought".
   Isaac Newtons Papers & Letters….  I Bernard Cohen  Harvard University Press  Hardcover  Good  $7.50
 "….on Natural Philosophy and related documents". With reproductions of letters he wrote to contemporaries, his "Principia", contributions to the Royal Society, etc. Good condition with some fading on the spine and depreciated by several library markings in front and back.
   Jungle in the House  Marston Bates  Walker and Company  Hardcover  Near Fine  $12.98
 1970. 214 ppgs with bibliography, index and section of black and white photographs. "Essays in Natural and Unnatural History". An attractive book with brown textured cloth, black cloth on spine and bright neon green lettering along spine. Dust jacket also remains colorful, in near fine condition with no discernable tears, only slight wear at upper spine. Inside, pages are clean and with no previous owner marks.
   Life on Earth  David Attenborough  Little Brown  Hardcover  Very Good  $6.00
 Immensely popular, David Attenborough attained fame as the BBC host of scientific nature programs. The book is full of the wonders of animals and insects and this amazing earth. Many colorful, glossy photographs illustrate the text. Book is in very good condition with little wear. DJ is also very good with only modest edgewear at corners.Now in protective cover. A bargain price on a popular book.
   Life on Earth  David Attenborough  Little Brown  Paperback  Mint  $4.00
 The infamous, the oft-pulbished television companion guide to ' Life on Earth'. During the three years David Attenborough worked on 'Life on Earth', he traveled 1.3 million miles to more than 100 locations in 30 countries on every continent of the Earth. Hmmm - a statement in itself about life on earth. With incredible close-up photography of the most amazing creatures, this book is shiny and unworn. Was $19.95 when published in 1979, offered here for $12.00.
   Lives of a Cell  Lewis Thomas  Viking  Hardcover  Good  $6.00
 Subtitled, "Notes of a Biology Watcher". Later printing. Reflections on man and nature, science and life, health and language.
   Living Earth  Jon Erickson  TAB BOOKS  Paperback  Fair  $3.00
 "The Coevolution of the planet and life". This is an academic text complete with brilliant blue highlighting found sparsely - mostly in the beginning chapters. Book is worn on edges but still a good working copy.
   Miracle of Life  Harold Wheeler, ed  Literary Guild, NY  Hardcover  Good  $10.00
 Hard to place the publication date on this volume of biology, but it looks to be from the early 1940's. Devoted to the scienctific analysis of all living things, this book is an impressive review of the animal and plant kingdoms. Many black and white photographs and illustrative charts. Especially interesting is the descriptive illustration of "What a Man is Made of" - enough water to fill a ten gallon barrel, enough fat for seven bars of soap, even carbon for 9,000 pencils, etc. The section on medicine is a little scary but the book is a captivating text. Good condition, good quality binding, clean pages. Some wear and scuffing on the spine and edges.
   New Larousse Encyclopedia of the Earth   Larousse  Hamlyn  Hardcover  Good  $5.75
 An oversized text book on the anatomy and history of our planet. Dramatically illustrated with over 500 black and white photographs and diagrams and over 32 full color plates. An excellent index makes for quick and easy fact-finding. Published in 1972. X library book in relatively good condition and moderate markings.
   On Becoming a Biologist  John Janovy, Jr  Harper&Row  Hardcover  Good  $3.75
 1st edition. This book offers a positive reflection on the vocation of the naturalist, botonist or biologist. A small volume with several inconsequential marks from a Vermont library.
   On Human Nature  Edmund O Wilson  Harvard University Press  Hardcover  Very Good  $12.50
 Esteemed scientist, Edward O Wilson, presents a philosophy that cuts across the usual categories of conservative, liberal, or radical thought. In systematically applying the theory of natural selection to human society, he arrives at conclusions far removed from the social Darwinist legary of the last century. Human diversity is to be treasured, not merely tolerated, he argues. Discrimination against ethnic groups, homosexuals, and women is based on a complete misunderstanding of biological fact. The book is in excellent condition, little wear with clean, unmarked pages. Brown cloth over boards with a pressed tree image on front cover. Endpages have images of flowering shrub branches. Dust jacket is gold with text that continues onto the endleaf. DJ in good condition with moderate shelf wear along the edges.
   Patterns in Nature  Peter S. Stevens  Little Brown  Paperback  Fair  $24.50
 1974. 240 pages - indexed. Pages clean. Huge crease on front cover and some soil.
   Satellite Communications Physics  Ronald (ed.) Foster  Bell Telephone Labs  Hardcover  Good  $9.95
 1963. Written by members of the staff of Bell Telephone Laboratories edited by Ronald M. Foster Jr. Crisp and clean. Dj has creasing, a little worn and torn.
   Science and Government  C P Snow  Harvard University Press  Hardcover  Good  $6.00
 1961. Grey cloth with black cloth along spine. Gold lettering is vivid and book has only slight wear at corners. Dust jacket is good, worn on edges, some scuffing. Still, DJ remains bright, now in protective sleeve. Book club edition. Inside, pages are clean and unmarked. Binding secure. A compact volume, 88 pages, telling the story of two eminent British scientists, opposing views, policital inclinations.
   Shattering the Myths of Darwinism  Richard Milton  Park Street Press  Paperback  Very Good  $11.50
 Ah, a continued contemplation on the mystery of life on Earth, this book aggressively questions the assumptions of Darwinism, natural selection, and random genetic mutation.
   Shedding Life  Miroslav Holub  Milkweed  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $5.00
 1997. "Disease, Politics, and Other Human Conditions". Publisher overstock in perfect, as-new condition, was $22.95, now only $5.00!! 279 pages, indexed. Very thoughtful, scientific essays.
   Story of Our Continent  N S Shaler  Ahteneum Press  Hardcover  Very Good  $18.00
 An early, turn of the century geology primer, publisher "for use in schools". 1891. Book is in excellent condition with only the most modest wear at corners. Green cloth over boards with maroon etching of the North American continent on the front. Binding is very firm, pages clean. Attractive, early etchings illustrate the text.
   Sudden Origins  Jeffrey H Schwartz  John Wiley and sons  Paperback  Pub Overstock  $5.75
 1999. "Fossils, Genes, and the Emergence of Species". Darwin may have argued that new species emerge through a slow, gradual accumulation of tiny mutations, but the fossil record reveals a very different scenario - the sudden emergence of whole new species with no apparent intermediate ancestors…. Publisher overstock in mint, new condition. 420 pages, indexed. Was $18.95, now only $5.75!
   Visualized General Biology  Andrew Burdick  Oxford Book Company  Paperback  Good  $10.50
 Part of the Oxford "Visualized" texts series published in the 1940's. Co-authored by Dudleston and edited by Freeman. 354 pages with appendix, index and sample test questions at the end. Paper covers are a bit worn with a few tiny tears on top edge. Binding remains flexible, pages clean and unmarked.
   Whale Songs and Wasp Maps  Joseph Mortenson  Dutton  Hardcover  Fair  $9.50
 1987. "The Mystery of Animal Thinking". With illustrations by Terry Magill. Animal Intelligence. Stated first edition. X-Lib with stamp on title page and remnants of a library pocket on rear endpage. All else good hosever, with very little wear.


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