Art of Prolonging Life  Dr C W Hufeland  Ward Lock & Co.  Hardcover  Good  $100.00
 Circa 1865 - 1880, pub date not stated. Scarce and quite elusive. This is a small, decorative volume issued as part of Ward & Lock's Shilling Library of Famous Books for All Time. The book is brown cloth, with decorative dark brown and black embellishments on front, back and spine. Worn on edges but still bright and in nice condition. Inside, endpages list the various publications of The World Library.
   Aviation Engines Design Construction …  Victor W Page  Norman W Henley Pub  Hardcover  Good  $50.00
 1917. Being "A complete, practical treatise outlining clearly the elements of internal combustion engineering with special reference to the design, construction, operation, and repair of airplane power plants…….." Book is CENSORED by the US Government, and pages and parts of pages have been omitted by special instructions from Washington. 589 pages with over 30 pages at the end listing other books of interest. Profusely illustrated with detailed line drawings, algebraic formulas, charts and the like. Red cloth exterior is worn on edges and especially at corners and upper/lower spine. White ink that details the embossed titles on front cover is mostly worn away. Previous owner name in brown script, dated Jan.9, 1918 on both front and back endpage. Small interior separate of endpage from at the inside seam about 1 1/4" long. All else good, sturdy and relatively clean for a book almost 100 years old.
   Bali and Beyond  Colin Simpson  Angus and Robertson  Hardcover  Near Fine  $26.00
 1972. Bright yellow boards with white dancing spirit on front and lettering on spine. Worn on edges and especially at heal/head of spine. No dust jacket but now in protective cover. Wonderful, exotic look at Bali, it's history, culture, ceremonies and people. Provocative color photos in several sections throughout. Includes several pieces of ephemera - from the Bali Holiday Tourist Serice - The Barong and Kris Dance, and another from the Bali Indonesia LT D Hotel and Office outlining the Ketchak (Monkey) Dance and more.
   Dartmouth College Bulletin, 1933-1934   Dartmouth College  Dartmouth College  Paperback  Very Good  $180.00
 1933. A compact grey bulletin for the academic year, 1933 - 1934 Book is clean and square. Very neat. Previous owner name along top outside edge. With fold-out map of the Dartmouth campus. Scarce and unusal. So much of this time of thing having been lost in time.
   Eaton's Grammar School Arithmetic,  James Eaton  Taggard and Thompson  Hardcover  Good  $49.00
 1868. Enlarged Edition. Common School Arithmetic combining analysis and synthesis; adapted to the best mode of instruction in the elements of written arithmetic. Book is bronw leather, with embossed lettering on spine upper and lower. Edgewear, especially at corner and along spine, more at heel and head of spine. Inside, owner name and date in elegant script on front endpage and again along the spine on title page. Lower exterior spine has a 1/2" chip. The spine is sturdy and still flexible despite the book's 150 years. The first 140 pages are oddly browned compared to the last 150 pages, as if a different paper was used for the ending signatures. A nice collectible primer.
   Eric Sloane's Weather Book  Eric Sloane  Duell Sloan and Pearce  Hardcover  Very Good  $35.00
 1967. Tenth Printing, September 1967. Grey textured cloth over boards with dramatic red lettering and pictorial on front cover. Hardly worn. Dust jacket is also good, very clean and dramatic, although a bit more worn with crackling and creasing on edges and spine a bit faded. Inside, the book is very clean, unmarked and quite entertaining with many illustrations, charts and diagrams. Classic Eric Sloane!
   Graham's Hand-Book Standard Phonography  Andrew Graham  Graham, New York  Hardcover  Fair  $20.00
 1902, New and Revised Edition, Brown cloth covers with bright gold/gilt lettering on front and somewhat less bright on the spine. Worn on all edges and cover is faded along about 3" at lower front edge. Inside, flower decorative endpages are delicate but still attractive. Some age foxing on pages throughout. It's a bit old and it shows but book is still relatiavely sturdy and square.
   Henley's Twentieth Century Formulas…….  Gardner D….editor Hiscox  Norman W Henley Publishing  Hardcover  Fair  $65.00
 1924, Henley's 20th Century Formulas, Recipes and Processes, Containing Ten Thousand Selected Household, Workshop and Scientific Forumlas, Trade Secrets, Chemical Recipes, Processes and Money Saving Ideas! Enlarged Edition, Including useful workshop and laboratory methods……. Red cloth volume is well worn on edges, especially at corners and upper/lower spine. Faded to brown on spine. X library edition has some faded indications of such including painted number on spine and marks from pockets removed. A hefty volume at 807 pages plus another 36 pages of index, book catalogue, etc. The book is quite sturdy and square.
   Home Comforts  Edwin T Freeley  Claxton Remsen & Haffelfinger  Hardcover  Fair  $100.00
 1879. Home Comforts, or "Things Worth Knowing in Every Household, Being a Digest of Facts Established by Science, Observation and Practical Experience, Respecting the Important Art of Living Well and Cheaply, Preserving Health and Prolonging Life" !!
   Interpretation of Dreams  Sigmund Freud  Macmillan Company  Hardcover  Very Good  $4600.00
 1913. Being the Authorized Translation of Third Edition with Introduction by A. A. Brill, PH B, MD., New York, Macmillan, 1913. "Printed by Ballantyne Hanson & Co. At the Ballantyne Press, Edinburgh on the verso title page. Includes the elusive erratum slip inserted on page 1 of text.
   OIL The New Monarch of Motion  Reid Sayers McBeth  Markets Publishing Corp  Hardcover  Very Good  $16.00
 1919. "An Unbiased presentation of the whole oil industry. Written espcially for the investor who desires the facts" . Small blue cloth book, gold embossed lettering, worn on edges somewhat but not bad. Inside, all is clean and good. No previous owner marks or the like. Frontispiece illustrates "First Oil Well", with more photo illustrations throughout and several nifty pull out maps. An interesting look an industry in it's infancy that would go on to become a dominant worldwide enterprise.
   Old Indians at Cape Canaveral  William J Bryant  Bryant  Paperback  Near Fine  $37.50
 1965. This self-published, 16 page phamplet is one of 500 printed. Very nice chapbook. Exteiror paper cover is light bronwish/red. With pale blue illustration of an exhumed skeleton. Text relates the author's curious archeological dig in south Florida. Inside, pages are clean and free from any marks. All good with this interested exploration of an indigenous tribe. Collectible.
   Old Yeller  Fred Gipson  Harper Brothers  Hardcover  Very Good  $319.00
 1956. First Edition. A rare find with nice clean dust jacket. Worn on the edges and especially at spine. Book is green cloth, with black spine and gold lettering. Very slightly worn on edges, Inside, pages are clean and good, and probably never read, although there is a small, very simple owner name on front endpage. All else - near fine.
   Plain Tales from the Hills  Rudyard Kipling  Lowell  Hardcover  Very Good  $50.00
 1889. Authorized Edition. Indian Tales - 1. Light brown cloth with dark brown lettering and decorative pictorial of two lads, one playing a fife on front cover. Edges are somewhat worn, not much, though a bit more pronounced on upper and lower spine edges. Inside, on front endpage, there are some previous owner marks - name, date, etc. on upper corner in pencil. Otherwise, inside pages are very clean and of quality paper because they are not darkened or aged much. Binding strong and book is sturdy and square.
   Quiet Years  Minnie Patterson Stanyon  Colvin/Stanyon  Paperback  Near Fine  $36.00
 Copyrighted April 1965 and April 1994. Limited editions. Green textured cloth, with bright emobssed lettering and illustration of a bird of prey on front cover. Nicely packaged little book memoiric stories of life in the New York Adirondack region, circa mid -twentieth century. 111 pages, small format, with an interesting listing of "Families as Remembered by the Author". With line drawing illustrations by Mildred Stanyon Colvin. Very clean, near fine condition with no owner marks or indications of age.
   Text-Book of Advanced Machine Work  R. H. Smith  Industrial Education Book Co.  Hardcover  Good  $28.00
 1937. 11th Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 1619 pages. A sturdy and compact volume, heavily illustrated with charts, graphs, detailed line drawings. "Prepared for students in technical, manual training and trade schools, and for the apprentice and the machinist in the shop". Book is a green cloth, gilt lettering is mosttly worn away. Edgewear at corners and heel/head of spine. Inside, is owner name and some studious notations in pencil. Page edges are blackened in some places, but inside the integrity of the pages remains very good. Binding quite sturdy.


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