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Producers & Artisans


Sandy’s Books & Bakery and The Bookery would not exist without other creative folks who are making fabulous products, services, arts, crafts, and edibles.

One of the most satisfying things about doing business is surrounding ourselves with gifted, inspired entrepreneurs who passionately pursue their vision. Their dedication is impressive and the results speak for themselves with quality and taste. We believe that by supporting these people, we secure our success and validate our efforts.  

Featured Artisans

The Bookery offers an array of affordable “found art” and framed ephemera. We are intrigued by abandoned original artwork, found in thrift stores and yard sales - original, sometimes primitive works by often unknown artists rescued from obscurity and presented newly framed. We also have a weakness for literary ephemera and “bookish” prints! Visit our retail store in Rochester soon and you will see what we mean. In contrast, we also represent a group of accomplished contemporary painters and their original works for consideration.

The Bookery also features local jewelers, known for their fine craftsmanship and unique vision.

Location: Rochester, VT
Judy Jensen presents an eclectic array of thrown and formed pottery. Her whimsical face mugs are extremely popular. Her blue glazed animal plates are collected by many. In addition to selected pieces offered at Sandy’s, Judy maintains a fantastic clay studio and art school at Emerson Farm just south of town.

Larry Carlson
Location: Rochester, VT
Larry Carlson is a painter, collage artist, and graphic manipulator of the first order. His psychedelic works are thought provoking, colorful, sexy and convey the mystic mind melder of his inner being. You must check out his creations!

Mauri Harrington
Location: Killington, VT
Mauri Harrington is an extremely prolific and accomplished watercolor artist working out of Killington and North Hero Vermont. Although many of her images capture life on the slopes here in wintry Vermont, she is also a world traveler and paints where ever she goes. Love her Hawaiian paintings! We stock signed prints, original paintings, and an affordable line of greeting cards.

Sandy Pierce
Location: Rochester, VT
Sandy Pierce is well-known about town for her whimsical paintings of rural barns, tractors, fences, and farm animals. Love her sheeps and goats!! They so cute. Sandy’s chickens and roosters are pretty fantastic too. Her work is original and sweet tempered.

Angie Stahler
Location: Hancock, VT
Angie Stahler is a creative person. We know this not only because she finds art in the most bizarre and unusual things, but also because she works with us here at The Bookery! In fact, she crafts our unique, pedestrian-stopping window displays at our mother store, Sandy’s Books & Bakery. The Bookery is currently hosting an installation of her work featuring colorful batik and hand-stamped wall hangings. We also have her handcrafted belts, aprons, and pot-holders. Visit us soon to see Angie’s inspired creations.
Location: Rochester, VT

Manny Flaherty is an accomplished artisan crafting exquisite wooden furniture. He marvels at the aesthetic qualities of different types of wood and draws out the beauty in each piece. At The Bookery, we have a selection of his small bowls and bread boards.

Location: Rochester, VT
Patrick Crowley is a young man who lives down the road and has recently discovered the fine art of crafting wood. He has become quite adept at making little wooden boxes. Love these stash boxes! And the ones shaped like the state of Vermont are especially cool.

Mary Ellen Alberti
Location: East Warren, VT
Mary Ellen Alberti from nearby East Warren, Vermont creates gorgeous healing jewelry. Her finely crafted bracelets and mala necklaces are made with loving care and a joyful reverence for the chakras. You put them on and you feel the power of earth and spirit.

Allison Biondo
Location: Hancock, VT
Allison Biondo works out of her studio in Hancock, Vermont crafting colorful, stained glass earrings. An extremely popular choice in the store and at her stand during the summer Rochester Farmers Market, Allison’s earrings are bold and beautiful. They are the kind of classy, well made jewelry that you can wear for weeks and they just go with everything!
Instagram: @rainroseglass

Caroline Tavell
i-Abar Location: Rochester, VT
Caroline Tavelli-Abar is our friend and neighbor and amazing artist person. She works in many different mediums and has recently added jewelry-making to her list of artistic indulgences. The result is an array of beautiful beaded bracelets, finished with a magnetic clasp that not only keeps the single bracelet closed, but also pulls together other strands of beads for a marvelous combined result. Website:
Farm's & Vendors

Sandy’s Books & Bakery works with over 50 very local vendors and producers. We love our local growers and having roots in the agriculture business ourselves, we naturally, gravity to others of the same ilk. Our standard policy when someone walks in with freshly harvested produce for our kitchen to buy is….. say “Yes!” and then figure out how to incorporate it into the menu. Our honey and maple syrup are created by our neighbors. Our coffees and teas are organic and locally roasted and blended. Our entire house is cleaned and polished with locally produced organic soap products. We are all in it together