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Bookery Blog

Ahhh. The BOOKERY!  Our little book and gift annex on the other side of the driveway is starting to feel a bit more lived in and beloved. In November of 2017, we were magically (and determinedly) able to purchase the building next door to THE BAKERY. We moved all our cookbooks over to the new space, all our agriculture and gardening books, ethnobotany, food politics and production, forestry, animal husbandry and everything from beekeeping to cheesemaking, putting food by, orcharding, harvesting wild edibles…….if it had anything to do with food it was carried next door to our new space.

We also established a room for art – featuring the work of local creatives and a whole lot of found art. Our concentration on used books, found art, and second hand things provides another life for these items in a disposable society. Instead of shopping for cheap goods from foreign countries – there are options here that are more unique, often more durable, and certainly cheaper than you can find at the big box stores in West Leb. 

But really the beautiful thing about the new space in our Children’s Room.  Kids walk through the enchanted carved tree doorway (Thank you JB!) to find a room devoted to books, toys, games and art supplies. The Children’s Room is at the rear of the store – so it feels like a mystery back there – a place just for kids. The Borrowers live there. When I am in this special space shelving books, organizing stuff –  I get lost, I am moved to another place. I find the magic…….. 

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