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Farmers Market Session 1

Successful season at the Rochester Farmers Market and Exchange!

I love the ethos and energy of small town farmers markets.  Whenever I travel, the local farmers market is a “must see”.  I brake for farmers markets! My family knows. My sister Jan is a farmers market hound too.  Get us together and you just know we are going to stop. Because, hey……. it’s curious and it’s gratifying. There’s often live music in the background, there’s jam tasting, gorgeous fresh produce. I end of trying vegetables I’ve never had before cuz they are so beautiful. Yes… I must have a bunch of that kolrabi! It’s a gentle pursuit… meeting the vendors….talking with the folks who are actually growing the food I am going to eat. 

In our hometown of Rochester, there is a young but expanding farmers market. It just keeps getting better and better.  It was a real pleasure to be a participating vendor again this year.  Every Friday, June through October, rain or shine, we were out there with our fellow vendors presenting our beautiful breads and focaccia, pies and pastries. Thank you Des and Dante – you were amazing! Standing at the back kitchen door, watching you trek from the bakery to the town green with overflowing baskets of beautiful, just baked loaves of bread and trays of fresh pastries gives me such a full and satisfying feeling.  Seeing you off…… I could take a deep breath and a cold drink. It’s an accomplishment – to bake up a sizable inventory of goods and get it over to the market stall, while also keeping the retail bakery counter covered and filled with plenty. But we did it with grace and good humor.  Never did find our booth banner though!! But hey… if we don’t find it during our spring cleaning in March….we’ll figure it out by the time we set up in June for another fabulous year in the park. 

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