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The stars aligned and the people spoke and here we are expanding hours at a time when many food establishments are cutting back. We have three extraordinary young men leading the way. Dante started it off – driving the agenda, pushing me, bringing his years of pizza making skills from a stint at famed American Flatbread.  Damn…. He makes good pizza! This young culinary enthusiast has a lot of ambition and pizza night is a way for him to take over the kitchen without stepping on the toes of the other cooks. Nick is out front on the service counter – ready, efficient – another passionate human being. Don’t get him going with talk of world politics, metaphysical philosophies and the meaning of life…he’s gotta work!  And Des is picking up the mess. Now here is a young whipper-snapper if I ever saw one….. he washes dishes like it’s a race – head down and on task. 

Pizza….. pizza…..I mean… it’s gotta be good to keep people coming back for more and it is! House made marinara sauce based on Dante’s Italian grandma’s recipe. Made from scratch sourdough crust – thin, baked quick and hot.  We got the pepperoni, we got the Rochacha and the Buffalo chicken………we got a different gourmet special pizza each Sunday for the adventurous. Our regulars come for the pizza and the smashing salads and the live music with local cowboys John and Clay. Love those cowboys – sporting their big cowboy hats and their red plaid knee-length winter coats and their laidback attitudes. Oh yeah. Play me some tunes boys. Around this valley, they have a lot of fans… been playing music for 40 years thereabouts. So nice to have them in the house every Sunday.  Other folks are like….. forget that….give me my pizza to go and back to the home front. That works too. 

I hope we can keep doing it. I told the boys we’d give it two months and then assess if it’s working. So far…… it’s a definite go.  

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