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Inspiration in-hand

Bookery: Cookbooks

Grandma was right

It’s time to go back to the source and discover your passion for cookbooks.
We have the largest selection of physical cookbooks in the region. Two large rooms chocked full of every conceivable subject matter – and they may new or used, general purpose or Vermont-specific, international, obscure or rare. We have books on specifics like soups, breads, ethic cookery, you name it. Need to try to find that book on keto-paleo vegan chefy? Yeah, we got that.

Featured Titles

Cabot Creamery Cookbook
Vermont Farm to Table
Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook
Dishing Up Vermont
Blueberry Hill Series
Maple Cookbook
The Joy of Cooking
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Can’t make it into our store? Browse our online inventory often, to see what’s new and different.