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Keeping it Real

How do we maintain our commitment to fresh food in the midst of a cold and snowy Vermont winter? A challenging quest but not impossible! We’ve put up condiments, fermented and pickled foods, even dried some mushrooms from last year’s field and forest meanderings. We dried basil, dill, mint, sage, and tarragon from our garden. We froze a ridiculous amount of handpicked black raspberries and a slew of Sunshine Organic Berry Farms blueberries – those are coming in handy! We also froze a lot of rhubarb and squash – still digging into those.  We made some beautiful apple butter from rejects purchased from Brown’s Orchard in Castleton – cooked them for two days – and use it now to make Apple Butter Spice Cake. Using these ingredients connects us with our real goal – to run a sustainable business that is meaningful and delivers good, nutritious food.

The other day Kevin came in (Kevin and Paula run Uphill Farm here in Rochester) and delivered a beautiful, full, incredibly green flat of sunflower sprouts. It is pure joy to see such GREEN! We cut the sprouts as we go and garnish our Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwiches with them.  In two weeks, Kevin will bring us another tray. And so it goes!

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